Conor Mulroy


Conor Mulroy is a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose style covers a wide range of musical influences. He owns his own record label, through which he has published and released 5 records in genres that include bluegrass, classical, metal, jazz, and singer/songwriter. He also has a master’s degree in music composition from the University of Southern Maine. Throughout his career he has worked with other labels and media companies to promote his music and has toured throughout the United States with other artists as well as a solo act. In addition to performing he has also spent a lot of time writing music that ranges from pieces for solo instruments to music arranged for symphony orchestras.

The Stranded Aviator was recorded live in the mountains of Northern California. The music, which Conor Mulroy spent 5 years sketching out, draws influence from genres like celtic, bluegrass, and classical chamber music. Traveling from the east coast along with engineer and guitar player Jason Phelps, Jason quickly set up a studio in the living room of a cottage built during the gold rush era. Over the next 5 days, the live tracks were recorded, with Conor Mulroy on banjo and tenor guitar accompanied by Simon Chrisman on dulcimer, Tashina Clarridge on fiddle, and Tristan Clarridge on cello from the group the Bee Eaters. Adding to the music are Jason Phelps on guitar and John Joe Kelly on bodhran from the group Flook. As the session went on the music came together nicely and continued to evolve during the mixing process. Check out the result!